Privacy Policy

This is where I explain in short how I use your data, when using this app and website.

Extend of data collection, processing and usage

By default no personal information is shared when opening the app. If errors occur, they will be send automatically.

Account: Register/ Login/ Deregister

To register you need to enter your e-mail address. It is processed and stored on my servers in Europe. It is needed to link you to your personal free trial account (and later for a web base app). Your e-mail address is stored permanently to register your free trial/account.

To validate your free trial, I am holding on to your e-mail address even when you are not active anymore. Why? Because I am using your e-mail to verify if you already used your free trial. After 1 year of inactivity I will delete your e-mail address and all your data with it. You could start a new free trial, if you wanted. If you want to deregister your account, just logout. The rest will happen automatically.

Registration and login mails are being send with Mailgun. Mailgun keeps your data (e-mail address and e-mail content) for a few days to be able to resend an e-mail if needed.

The name and type of your device are also send to the proof server. With this information you will (soon) be able to identify and manage devices, that are logged into your account.

Also see the Mailgun GDPR information

proof Cloud (optional)

When activating the proof Cloud, your personal data from this app and the proof Cloud will be synced. This includes without limitation projects, tracked time, settings, account data and other data you enter.

Error reports

In case of errors, this app will send information about these error to me. This information contains error details to possible faulty app behaviour. This helps me to identify problems with the app and make it more useful to you. I am using the Sentry service for this. The data that is being send contains your IP address.

Also see the Sentry Data Processing Amendment.

Allow tracking (optional)

If you want, you can allow the app to send anonymous tracking information. This information contains time, screen opens or actions you took. This helps me to identify usability problems with the app and make it more useful to you.

Contact via E-Mail

When you contact me via e-mail I will save the e-mail with all containing personal information inside (e.g. name) for a period of time on my e-mail server. Older e-mails are deleted on a regular basis.


I am using Mailchimp to send newsletters. I am saving your e-mail address and name, if you register for my newsletter. Mailchimp also saves cookies and personal data like your IP, to serve usage analytics. You can manage your subscription by yourself from within your e-mails.

Also see the Mailchimp Legal Info.

No obligation to supply your data

Except for your e-mail address, you are not required to supply your data to use this app. Entering your e-mail address for using this app up to you.

Duration of data usage and transmission

I am saving your data only as long as it's necessary to fulfill the requests you make on this app. According to the laws I might have to store is longer than I personally need it. Unused data is deleted on a regular basis.

Safety of your data

I am taking appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your data.

I might changes this policy from time to time, to keep it up to date. Older version can be requested via e-mail.

Version 1.0 from May 4, 2020